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My travels took me over the pond to the U.K. last week(Why I went is another story). I stayed in an Airbnb rental with the lack of hotel options in the country side.

I selected a place that had positive reviews for the price was I was willing to pay.  I e-mailed the host and inquired about bicycle rentals and a few other questions.  Sue the,  the owner of the Airbnb replied in a timely manner.  All the indications led me to believe it was an acceptable place.


I took the bus from Heathrow Airport to the town of Taunton, UK.  It was a long bus ride, but I told Sue, the owner of the AirBnb rental of my anticipated arrival and sure enough, she was home when I said I was going to be there. I get a little nervous of hosts forgetting and thus leaving me no idea what to do.(it hasn’t happened yet)


The couple that owns the place was friendly and talkative. We ended up chatting for a little while and during the conversation, I learned they’ve been in the bed and breakfast business for a little over 5 years.  They planned to sell it and already had a potential buyer lined up.  With the reality of the sale going through, they expressed a little sadness.

The sadness stemmed from missing out on meeting people that cycled through their bed and breakfast.  They stated the vast overwhelming majority have been great guests.  I inquired about bad guests and such.  They stated they didn’t really have any bad ones.  I guess if you’re only staying for a week and you can section off your house, you can avoid them.  Interesting enough, the only bad ones they recall were guest had strange habits, which they had to really dig deep to recall.

David, the husband, repeatedly stated that he’ll miss meeting people.  Being a live-in landlord myself, I can relate with his sadness.  I’ve met some great people and built friendships from renting out rooms.  Naturally, in my case, I’ve created friendships because I’ve been living with my roommates for a few months. It’s something that I didn’t anticipate happening when I first started out years ago, but it’s a nice by-product of renting out a rooms.  I think if I gave up renting out my rooms, I’d miss the chance of creating new friends.


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