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One of my roommates moved out on July 1st and a new one moved in that same weekend(this was all coordinated well in advance). When roommates move out you would expect them to take all their stuff, but roommates fail to move all their stuff. Whether it’s done intentionally or not, it doesn’t bother me because most of the items were small items than a dresser or a bed per say.

On this go around I accumulated the following:

Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker


Outdoor Folding Chairs

Outdoor Folding Chairs



Drying Rack for Cloths



A T.V.(an old one)

I don’t drink coffee so the coffee maker is no use to me, but I’ll keep it around as guests or other roommates(current and future) might make use of it. The outdoor chairs are an awesome addition as I don’t have any deck furniture. Furthermore these chairs are portable making it great for picnics of tailgaiting. The drying rack is useful for hang drying large coats and sweaters. Last, but not least, the T.V. It’s an old flat screen TV(no HDMI inputs). I don’t watch any TV and currently don’t have a Netflix or Hulu subscription. This T.V. is basically  serving as decoration for what would be a lonely T.V. stand.

Fridge Items

The roommate that moved left some Omaha steaks. Guess what the other roommates and I split for dinner?

Grilled Steak of course!!

I also want to note that we take turns buying consumable such as toilet paper, paper towels, and trash bags. I never had a roommate demand to take their share of the consumables that they purchased into. Believe me, I’ve had some very frugal roommates.

What are some items that your roommate left behind?

  • Sean August 21, 2016, 12:30 pm

    I have had the same experience. I have also had omaha steaks (and other frozen food), a lamp, dresser, pans, and my favorite: a waffle maker. I’m jealous of your drying rack… wish one of my current roommates had one to leave me. Ha!

  • Racquel August 24, 2016, 5:01 pm

    Roommate left behind an unopened box of Girl Scout cookies, a box of envelopes, an unopened box of Dasani drink cans, an opened bottle of canola oil, and a cold compress which could be freezed for usage. On moving day, this roommate offered me a boxed lazy susan as a “thank you gift,” which I politely declined, as our roommate relationship had turned sour about a week and a half before she left.

  • Kristina August 26, 2016, 12:12 am

    I did take 1/3rd of the paper towels, toilet paper, etc. when i left an old housemates house. I would not have thought about it but she was making the move out difficult (deciding which day i could leave after i gave more than 30 days notice and had paid the rent and utilities ahead, demanding i couldnt leave her house until the week before my time ended at her house) and I thought screw it. I paid for it (literally she billed us a third of every shop she did for house products including a Christmas tree for the house!) so i took some for my new apartment. And i never regretted it.

  • Sophie November 5, 2016, 2:36 am

    The biggest thing anyone has ever left at my house was a microwave but it was hideous and bright red and she was a nightmare room mate (I literally had nightmares, it was so bad) and it was a reminder, so I gave that away.

    Most of the things left behind are personal hygiene products.


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