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Radpad is a service that allows tenants to pay their rent with their credit card.
radpad renting out rooms
How it Works
The tenant signs up with Radpad and has the choice of sending you a one-time payment or a reoccurring payment.  The money comes in a form of a check so it’s not entirely electronic. I wrote a post why I hate checks or cash as rent payment.
The Catch
Normally, Radpad charges a fee for paying with a credit card, typically is 2.9%, which is a deterrent for me to accept. Radpad also requires a proof of lease between the tenant and landlord(this case “live-in landlord”).
The nice part is that Radpad does not send a 1099 out to landlords. This is beneficial for the folks that don’t claim any or all of the rental income(cough cough).
The Promotion
Right until the end of the year, Rapad is offering no fee to pay with a credit card through Android pay as stated on their website. One of my roommates is a points collector and wants to take advantage of this promo
I can’t blame my roommate for wanting to do this. It’s going to cause an inconvenience to me if I get a paper check and have to deposit it. I know there’s mobile deposits, but it’s still another step for me.
My questions are:
1. Has anyone used Radpad before?
2. Would you deal with the inconvenience so your roommate can earn points?
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  • Ruth August 11, 2016, 10:37 am

    No I haven’t but I’ve used PayPal. One tenant loved it and one tenant didn’t. I liked PayPal once I got used to it…No fee for anybody. I’m back to checks and cash now. Younger people would love PayPal but I wouldn’t suggest using it for older or low tech tenants.


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