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What happened?

Last week, I was on work travel leaving my roommates by themselves.  Usually, nothing eventful happens while I am away, but this time, something minor did happen and I want to write a post about it.  My roommate, D, who is in the Navy returned from his Ops at sea while I was away.  Upon pulling in to port, he noticed that he lost his keys and couldn’t drive home nor get in to my place.

His Solution?

D called me and said that he lost his keys.  I told him about a spare key that is hidden outside.   If he somehow got a ride to my place, I’ll them him where he could find it and let himself in.

After trying to explain to him over the phone where the spare key is located, he couldn’t find it.  Alright, time for Plan B.

Since I have two roommates, my roommate, D, texted my other roommate, S, who was able to meet him and let D in to my place. Despite the fact that in my previous post that my roommate, S, spends most of her time at her boyfriend’s place, she was kind enough to spare some of her time and help him out.

For the rest of the week, D, used S’s key because she spends most of her time with her boyfriend.  They decided to leave the back door unlocked for S to enter until a new key was made.  I was indifferent about the fact they left the back door locked unlocked because I live in a low crime area and they took care of the situation without me having to do much.

D, did make a new copy of the key by the time I returned and everything seemed to take care of its self.

Planning For this Situation

I did plan for a situation like this by hiding a spare key outside.  My roommates can still get in provided they somehow get a ride to my place.  I didn’t show D or other my roommates where the key is when they move in because I only wanted to make it known when the need arises.  Another words, I didn’t want them to make a habit of loosing their key or think that it’s ok to loose their key.

I think this was a mistake on my part, I should show them where the spare key was hidden.  Then again, if my roommates move out, I would have to change the location of the hidden spare key and let my new roommates know the new location.  This process can be a pain.

Final Thoughts

This is a slight annoyance that has to be dealt with while you have roommates.  If they loose their key, you have to help them out, after all, they are paying you to live in your place.  I do require a deposit on the key so they have some incentive to return the key when they move out.  I started to hide a key

I know other homeowners use a key pad entry on their car garage doors as a main point of entry, thus eliminating a physical key.  I don’t have a garage hence, therefore, I don’t have that luxury.  There are keypad entry door locks such as this one that I can install.   I have given it some thought, but if this system is working, I would rather invest the money in other parts of the house.  Perhaps, if this is a more frequent occurrence, I may invest in a key pad door lock.

Other than that, this is the most eventful thing that has occurred while I was away anytime I was on travel.

Creative Commons License photo credit: busbeytheelder

  • Karen August 7, 2010, 3:35 pm

    When roommates move out, do you change your locks? How do you know a copy wasn’t made? Since I do have a garage key pad entry, would you suggest – should something like a lost key occur – resetting the code when a roommate moves out? Seems obvious enough. I guess overall you wouldn’t allow someone to rent a room if you don’t feel that you could trust them w/something like this, right?

  • Mike August 8, 2010, 1:45 pm

    It’s definitely a trust issue. Like renting anywhere how do you know if the landlord changed the locks or the previous tenants didn’t make a duplicate.

    The keypad entry is one solution. It’s also beneficial in that a roommate can never loose the key thus locking themselves out.


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