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1. Raising the Rent Prices on your current roommates.
I did this once a long time ago on my second roommate.  The conversation didn’t go well. It ended up with me explaining all my bills and justifying the increase in the rent price.  I thought the raise was fair $1 a day or $30 per month for the increase in electricity and water.  It wasn’t an arbitrary number like $50, $75, or $100 that was made up.

The right time to raise the rent is when you’re transitioning between roommates so that the new roommate doesn’t feel the pain of the increased rent price.

If you need to raise rent price on you current roommate, give 3 or 4 month advanced notice that rent is going to increase rather than stating that rent is going up next month because of so and so.  That was my mistake. I simply pulled the rug out underneath them without any notification what so ever.

2. Setting too many rules and guidelines making life too constricting.
It’s okay to set ground rules. Mine are pretty simple such as don’t piss off my neighbors, clean up after yourself.  They’re all reasonable rules that are not hard to follow

I know some live-in landlords impose a strict “no-guest” policy, which I feel is too restricting.  Imposing too many rules or absurd rules sends off messages that you’re a control freak.  Control freaks do well in certain job junctions like project management, but being a control freak and a “live-in landlord” don’t jive well.

If you are a control freak over your house, then set expectations early on so that there are no surprises down the road.

3. Don’t be a hypocrite.
If you say you want your place to be clean and tell your roommates to clean up after themselves.  Don’t be a slob yourself.  After I’m done with the dishes, I always wash them even though I could put it in the sink and do it later.

If my roommates recognize this, they’ll follow suit and I can’t really tell them to clean up after themselves after all you’re not really doing the same.

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Lastly, some house keeping stuff. Some folks have my site very helpful to get started renting out their spare room.  The information on this blog has even prevented some folks from being scammed.

I’m grateful that those folks didn’t become a victim to the scams.  They’ve showed their appreciation by making donations to my site on the right hand side bar.

If you found the information helpful, please donate any amount that you can afford.  It doesn’t matter if it’s $5, $10, or $25.  My bill for running the site is coming due and I would like to have it subsidized by the donations from the community of “live-in landlords.” Any excess money beyond what it costs to running the site will be donated to charity.

Some folks had problems with paypal and boycott the service entirely.

If you want to send a check, send me an e-mail and I’ll give you address to mail a check to.

I appreciate all the support.



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